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Welcome to our travel stories hub, we are super happy you are here!  We share our experiences and provide travel guides, tips and inspiration for anyone who wants to get intrepid! Helping inspire others to see the world, and sharing all our travel learnings gives us a deeper sense of purpose when on the road.

We are two kiwi’s from the bottom of the earth, Aotearoa New Zealand.  We go by the names of Reti & Bianca.

For 10 years strong we have been travel buddies and partners in life! We live to travel and love to create. Reti being a musician and music producer composes original music for all our vlogs.

We usually like to get off the beaten path and enjoy long term travel. We just completed a one year adventure around Asia! Discovering culture, food and connecting with locals are the things that keep us under the travel bugs thumb!

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ka kite ano (see you again)

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