​When we are hiking and adventuring around the world, the last thing we need is a fancy camera to get stolen, broken or lost!  So we just stick to the trusty Gopro!  Gopros are everything we need in a travel camera…they are small, very durable, easy to use, waterproof and produce high quality video and photos.

We could easily upgrade our camera, but every time we think about it we get turned off at the fact that it will not be good to travel with.

We have dropped our Gopro a few to many times…ops! But this thing never seems to brake!  Our Gopro has survived over a year of rough off-beat travel through a few monsoons, a Holi festival many dusty roads and hikes across the Himalayas. 

Not only are these cameras durable and tiny, they also have great film capabilities.  Gopro has awesome settings for slow mo and time lapse and you can even shoot in 4K resolution.  These are the reasons why it would be hard to convince us on any other camera. 

The main let down for Gopro is the low light capacity, so filming at night will always result in grainy footage, but it’s a pay-off we are willing to make. 

We have used the Gopro Hero5 in the past and have just recently purchased the Gopro Hero 7 which we are excited about trying due to is gimbal like stabilisation. You can compare Gopro prices and read the reviews online >>>link to Amazon. 

For our mount, we use a Photopro UFO Flexible tripod which can be attached to literally anything, great for extra creativity while on the go. It also doubles as a selfie stick, great for vlogging and easy to use while travelling. 

Although Segate is a trusted brand we actually had lots of trouble with both our 1TB Segate hard-drives and we lost quite a bit of footage because of it.  For our 3rd hard-drive we decided to try another brand called Western Digital and we have had no issues so can definitely recommend it, we have this particular model.

We purchased cheap SD cards to begin with and regretted it almost straight away. It wasn’t long until the cheap SD cards began to fail. They would regularly malfunction while filming and we would lose great footage, so we recently invested in a high quality SD card (this particular one), they are expensive but well worth it for ease of capture and reliability. Looks like it is on sale 64% on Amazon, we paid double the price for this in the shop!