The Grayl self filtering water bottle is a life saver on our hikes and adventures. This bottle makes 99% purified drinking water from virtually any freshwater source. The Grayl never failed us and we used the it usually while travelling to filter tap water and also while hiking to filter water from streams and waterfalls.

Our favourite fact about these bottles is the reduced waste in plastic bottles especially while hiking in natural wilderness locations. To filter water you just need to fill the bottle and press the lid down slowly to filter, its an easy 20second action.

One only let down on this system is the size of the bottle which only holds 473mil, but we carry a second bottle which we fill with purified water from the Grayl to solve that.

These bottle are costly ($114USD) and you do need to replace the filter after 300 uses. However, we found the costs is worth it, if it means we have fresh cleaning drinking water any where anytime while also limiting our plastic foot print.