Our Music – Unique & Royalty Free

When we decided to take a break from life we sold everything, quit our jobs and begun exploring the world! As two active and creative humans we knew we needed a creative project to keep our minds satisfied as we were travelling.   So we thought…..why not create travel videos for our family and friends so they can see what we get up to…..So we brought a Gopro and did just that. 

​Reti being a musician, he started to create the music for our videos…….as we were travelling he would sample the street musicians and sounds around us for the base of the songs.  As our Youtube channel grew people started asking for download links to Reti’s Music, so we put them on Bandcamp and walah!  

You will find our entire catalogue of royalty free Native Travellers tunes available to download so that you can use them in your videos or creative projects! The tunes are super unique and edgy…..if you are not familiar with our videos or Reti’s Music the best way to describe it is Ethnic Electronic with a Reti twist!