After a year of travel we realised we hardly used many of the items we packed. However these five items were super useful and we recommend all travellers carry them especially budgets travellers planning to be away for one month or longer.


We found our sports belt to be one of the most used and valuable travel items during our one year abroad. A sports belt is the perfect place to keep your valuables such as passport, money and credit cards while travelling. You can place the items in the belt then wear it under your clothing discreetly. The best thing is the sports belts are sweat proof so no need to worry about your items getting wet from sweat or rain. Wether you are sleeping on a train or walking through busy crowds your important items will be safe. Not only will a sports belt help prevent theft, it will also prevent you loosing your items as they are strapped to your body! You can find one similar to the belt we used here >>link to Amazon.


Having a simple compact first aid kit is a must if you are setting off for long term travel, especially if you are planning to do outdoor activities such as hiking. The amount of times we used our kit for ourselves and to help fellow travellers was surprising and we definitely recommend this as a must have travel item. Be sure to add antiseptic cream and painkillers to your kit if they are not included. Here is a good sized kit for travel which includes all the essentials, link to first aid kit on Amazon >>


Our mini sewing kit was a life saver during our travels. Wether it was mending a broken bag strap or stitching up a hole in our favourite comfy pants….having our mini sewing kit on hand was super helpful. You can find this great travel sized sewing kit >>>link to Amazon.


Having a compact light weight sleeping bag has multiple uses. We found them great for long train rides, pillows on buses and plains and a great solution to those dodgy hotel rooms and suspicious sheets that we can sometimes come across while travelling. Honestly our sleeping bags got so much use and we wouldn’t travel long term without them! Here is a great travel sized sleeping bag >>link to Amazon.


Perhaps the most valuable item on this list. You will absolutely get daily use out of a good quality battery bank. This item was a life saver helping us recharge our phones and cameras during long bus and train rides, hikes and or even just during a big day out. A travel must have >>>> Link to a good travel battery bank on Amazon.