How Much Does it Cost to Visit Nepal from India?

Want to know the cost of a trip to Nepal from India? You have found your article! We spent 5months in India and then travelled to Nepal via land where we spent 3months. As budget travellers, keeping costs down during our time in Nepal was vital, so we kept track of all our cost for our trip. We are here to share with you all the details so that you can easily budget for your trip to Nepal!

In this article we will cover all trip cost including the cost to get to Nepal from India, food costs in Nepal, accommodation costs, activity prices and transport expenses. We know everyone has different budgets and travel styles so we have included pricing for budget, mid range & lux travellers.

How Much does it cost to visit Nepal from India? You can travel to Nepal from India with a daily budget of $15USD/₹1000 per person. This budget includes food, accomodation and transport. The cost of reaching Nepal from India will cost you anywhere from $15.50USD/₹1100 via land & $95USD/₹6700 via air. 

However everyone has a different travel styles and budgets so we have included more specific cost breakdowns in the article for all travellers from budget to lux.

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Cost of Getting to Nepal from India:

We have outlined the costs of travel to reach Nepal from India from some of the main cities in India. We have included both air & land travel data to help you decide the best route for you.


Delhi to Kathmandu:

AIR: 1.5 hours || ₹6700/ $95usd
LAND: 30 hours || ₹1100-₹1900 / $15-$27usd
Train: Delhi to Raxaul & Bus: Birgunj to Kathmandu

Mumbai to Kathmandu:

AIR: 2.5 hours || ₹9200/ $130usd
LAND: 30 hours || ₹1100- ₹2300/ $15-$32usd
Train: Panvel – Barhni & Bus: Krishnanagar to Kathmandu

Bangalore to Kathmandu:

AIR: 3 hours || ₹9200/ $130usd
LAND: 52 hours || ₹1450-₹2800/ $20-$40
Train: Yesvantpur – Gonda – barhni & Bus: Krishnanagar to Kathmandu

Hyderabad to Kathmandu:

AIR: 5 hours || ₹15,500/ $220usd
LAND: 52 hours || ₹1450-₹2800/ $20-$36
Train: Secunderabad Junction – Raxual & Bus: Birgunj to Kathmandu

Ahmedabad to Kathmandu:

AIR: 5 hours || ₹13,500/ $190usd
LAND: 50 hours || ₹1800-₹2900 / $25-$41
Train: Ahmedabad Junction – Narkatiaganj
Taxi: Narkatiaganj – Raxaul & Bus: Birgunj to Kathmandu

Guwahati to Kathmandu:

AIR: 3.5 hours || ₹13,500/ $190usd
LAND: 30 hours || ₹1100-₹1900 / $15-$27
Train: Kamakhya – Raxual Junction & Bus: Birgunj to Kathmandu

Chennai to Kathmandu:

AIR: 5.5 hours || ₹8,500/ $120usd
LAND: 55 hours || ₹1688-₹3400 / $23-$48
Train: Chennai CentralMuzaffarpur Junction- Raxual Junction
& Bus: Birgunj to Kathmandu

Kolkata to Kathmandu:

AIR: 1.5 hours || ₹8,500/ $120usd
LAND: 55 hours || ₹1000-₹1700 / $14-$24
Train: Howrah Junction – Raxual Junction & Bus: Birgunj to Kathmandu

Jaipur to Kathmandu:

AIR: 4.5 hours || ₹8,500/ $120usd
LAND: 30 hours || ₹1600-₹2600 / $22-$36
Train: Jaipur – Narkatiaganj Junction – Raxaul & Bus: Birgunj to Kathmandu

Daily Budget for Nepal

As well as the costs of getting from India to Nepal we also wanted to include what your daily travel expenses will look like for your trip to Nepal. We know everyone has different budgets and travel styles so we have worked out the average daily spend for Budget, Mid Range and Lux travellers (USD&INDIAN RUPEES):

  • Budget: $15USD/₹1000 per day
  • Mid Range: $40USD/₹2800 per day
  • Lux: $75USD/₹5300 per day

Costs of Transport in Nepal

The next section of this article will go into more specific costing details for a trip to Nepal. Let’s start with transport, one of the main costs for all travellers. We have outlined average transport costs for Nepal to help you our fellow travellers budget accurately.

Short Distance transport 3km (USD&INDIAN RUPEES) :

  • Budget: local bus $0.30USD / ₹20
  • Mid Range: bicycle rickshaw $0.80USD / ₹60
  • Lux: taxi $2.60USD / ₹180

Long Distance transport 200km – Example Journey Kathmandu – Pokhara (USD&INDIAN RUPEES):

  • Budget: local bus $5USD / ₹350
  • Mid Range: Tourist Bus $13USD / ₹900
  • Lux: Private car  $120USD / ₹8500

Cost of Accommodation in Nepal

Accomodation is perhaps the biggest culprit when it comes to eating up your travel budget fast! So here are some real statistics on accommodation costs in Nepal as well as some of our top recommended hotels and homestays in Nepal.


  • Budget: $6USD / ₹450 per night
  • Mid Range: $25USD / ₹1700 per night
  • Lux:  $50USD / ₹3500 per night

Our top recommend accomodations in Nepal (USD&INDIAN RUPEES):

Mitra Garden Inn – Kathmandu
This was our budget haven in kathmandu. A clean safe accommodation with hot water and good wifi in a prime location, what more could you want?

Nepali Cottage Guest House – Pokhara:
This is where we stayed during our time in Pokhara and it was a great budget stay with clean rooms and friendly service. The best things about Nepali Cottage Guest House is its excellent location centrally located and across the road to the most amazing sandwich shop in Pokhara!
₹550/ $8USD

Rest Up Kathmandu Hostel
A comfortable hotel with great staff and close to all the main sights. Reviewers rave about the Himalayan views for  the rooftop, the green trees and the delicious breakfast that’s provided.

Gurung’s Home – Kathmandu
A stylish clean hotel close to Thamel with very friendly and welcoming staff.

Panauti Community Homestay
This homestay was a true Nepal highlight for us. If you want a traditional homestay in an off the beaten path town with a warm friendly family and delicious home cooked meals then this is the place to stay!
(price includes all meals)

The Museum – Kathmandu
The quiet location away from the noise of Kathmandu, but still on walking distance to Thamel. Beautiful rooms with cleverly crafted furniture and lovely decorative pieces reflecting Nepal’s heritage.

Bodhi Boutique Hotel – Kathmandu
Add a touch of luxury to your Kathmandu adventure with this lush hotel stylishly decoration with great amenities, top location and very attentive staff.

Costs of Food in Nepal

Food in Nepal is very affordable and lets not forget delicious! Like is the case for many travel destinations you will find local dishes much cheaper than western style foods. So, if you are on a budget stick to street food and dishes such as Dhal bhat and you will be winning.

It’s also important to note that food prices along popular trekking routes in Nepal are often times more expensive, so we have provided two budget break downs. The prices below reflect the cost for one meal for one person.

Cost of one main meal in Nepals main cities (USD&INDIAN RUPEES):

  • Budget: $2USD / ₹140
  • Mid range: $3USD / ₹220
  • Lux:  $7USD / ₹500

Food prices along trekking routes such as Annapurna & Everest Base Camp (USD&INDIAN RUPEES):

  • Soup: $1.70USD / ₹120
  • Plain omelette: $1.70USD/ ₹120
  • Momos: $2.50USD / ₹180
  • Thukpa: $4.20USD/ ₹300
  • Bhal Bhat: $4.20USD / ₹300
  • Burger & Chips: $5.70USD / ₹400

Costs of Activities in Nepal

Activities in Nepal can be fairly expensive, so it’s important that you plan which activities you would like to do and put a seperate budget aside for the activities you have planned. Below are some examples of what activities cost in Nepal.


  • Jeep Ride at Chitwan National Park (4 hours): $27USD / ₹2000
  • Private Tibetan Tour: $60USD / ₹4000
  • Guided Poon Hill Trek: $300USD / ₹21000
  • Paragliding in Pokhara: $90USD / ₹6300

Is Nepal Cheaper than India?

We found both India & Nepal very cheap. Food can be slightly more expensive in Nepal while accomodation was generally cheaper. Overall these costs would balance themselves out and we found Nepal & India to be virtually the same when it came to the cost of travel.

Cheapest Place to Visit in Nepal

Generally we found the best value for money on accommodation was in tourist hot spots. It must be the competition that drives quality up and prices down.

When we veered off the beaten path accomodation was pricey and the quality dropped. However food prices seem to skyrocket in tourist hotspot in Nepal. You can avoid these high food prices by eating street food and choosing local joints rather than tourist restaurants and bars.

With this in mind places such as Pohkara and Kathmandu can be some of the cheapest places for tourists to visit in Nepal.

We hope this article was helpful, you may also want to check out our other Nepal posts Top Unmissable Annapurna Circuit Side Treks & How Many Days to Trek the Annapurna Circuit?

Happy travels!

Cheers, Native Travellers

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