Is April a Good Time to Visit Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is a jewel of India and is filled with incredible architecture, rich culture, unique festivals and countless natural wonders.  We spent five months travelling through India and visited the incredible state of Rajasthan in April. Travelling to Rajasthan in April comes with its pros and cons. In this article we will pass on our first hand knowledge of what it was like to travel to one of India’s hottest places during summer. 

Is April a good time to visit Rajasthan? April is the middle of summer in Rajasthan and it’s one of the hottest months of the year for the region. The weather in April will be clear and calm with no rain and temperatures ranging between 32℃ to 48 °C. Despite the hot climates many travellers still visit Rajasthan in April to take advantage of the low crowds and great discounted prices. 

During our time in Rajasthan in April we visited Udaipur the incredible white city, Bikaner the Red City, Jaipur the pink city and Jaisalmer the enchanting golden city. Although April is considered the low season in Rajasthan, we had an incredible time and did not let the heat get in the way of exploring these unforgettable travel destinations.

There are many factors to consider when choosing to travel to Rajasthan, one of India’s hottest places in summer. In this article we will reveal our first hand experience of travelling to Rajasthan in April including all the pros and cons and how to deal with the hot Rajasthani sun! 

You can also watch our journey in Rajasthan live in action in our travel vlogs:

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The Weather in Rajasthan in April

Temperatures: 32℃ to 48℃
Wind: Minimal 
Rain: Zero to Low
Skies: Clear & Blue

April is the middle of summer in Rajasthan and although temperatures will soar well into the 30’s and 40’s it’s not actually the hottest month of the year…thats May! When we travelled to Rajasthan it was definitely hot, hot, hot and the average temperature we encountered was about 39℃. However, the heat is a very dry, so it’s much more tolerable than the humid heat of places such as Southern India. 

One good thing about travelling to Rajasthan in April is that you will encounter beautiful clear skies with no wind or rain which is great for sightseeing. Many travellers complain of increased fog, smog and grey skies in the winter months, so you can avoid these problems altogether if you visit Rajasthan in April. Yes it is hot…VERY HOT…however there are ways we learnt to deal with the heat and we will go into more detail about these next. 

Tips for Surviving the Rajasthani Heat in April

If you decide to travel to Rajasthan in April it’s important to plan accordingly so you can enjoy your time and experience all that this incredible state has to offer. After spending one month in a Rajasthani summer we definitely have some great tips on how to beat the heat:

Time Your Outings 

This one is probably the most helpful tip. Peak heat will hit between 11am – 3pm, so if you are planning to explore outdoors then time your excursions for morning or early evening. This means you will be able enjoy your outdoor adventure without baring the brunt of the hottest time of day.

There are plenty of indoor activities you can choose for midday or you can use this time to relax in your hotel or in the pool if you are lucky enough to have access to one. Our favourite way to spend midday was to enjoy a long lunch in an air conditioned restaurant, more on this below. 

Have a long lunch

We would often spend the hottest part of the day leisurely enjoying a full Indian feast in an air conditioned restaurant. This was a great way to keep cool during those hottest hours and also enjoy trying lots of new and yummy dishes! It is easy to find an air condition restaurant in Rajasthan and you can find them to suit every budget!

Take a Travel Umbrella

Having an umbrella to protect you from the sun while outdoors is a great tip that we actually picked up from the locals. You will notice many locals using this hack and it really does help keep you cool in the scorching sun. We recommend to pack a lightweight travel umbrella so that it’s easy to carry in your day bag. or Agoda.

Eat Certain Foods 

It’s super important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water when we are exposed to heat. But there are also other foods locals eat to help keep their bodies cool in summer. Below are a list of the common ones we encountered that actually worked:

  • Ice apple/Palm Fruit – this is a local fruit that is a natural coolant and helps regulate body temperature. 
  • Pani Puri – A popular street snack sold everywhere across India. This is a crispy shell filled with a spiced cool liquid centre to give you a refreshing flavour hit. 
  • Kulfi – A traditional Indian ice cream sold in most general stores and many street stalls.
  • Yogurt based drinksYogurt based drinks like lassi are famously known to have great cooling effects!.
  • Fruit Shakes – You will see plenty of fresh fruit stalls across Rajasthan, just ask them to hold on the ice. 
  • Coconut water Coconut water is a lifesaver in the heat especially when served chilled.
  • Cucumber Salad – You can order a cucumber salad with any meal in India and it definitely has a cooling effect. 

Rajasthan Crowds in April

Rajasthan is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. The states incredible sights and attractions drawn in large crowds of tourists every year, especially during the high season from October-March. One of the major benefits of travelling to Rajasthan in April is that it marks the beginning of the state’s low season, meaning way less tourists.

Now you can enjoy some of Rajasthan’s most popular sights and attractions without the hordes of tourists. We aren’t a big fan of travel destinations that are overpopulated by tourists and we much prefer a relaxed, local vibe.  So, we really enjoyed visiting Rajasthan during low season where we were able to experience a much more authentic Rajasthan. 

Discounts in Rajasthan in April 

You will be able to find some seriously amazing discounts if you travel to Rajasthan in April. As budget travellers this was a really great pro for us. We managed to book lux hotels with air conditioning and pools for an incredible 80% off! You will also see cheaper flights prices and perhaps even deals on tours and activities. So consider this a great reason to venture to Rajasthan in April, especially if your on a budget!

Top Recommended Travel destinations in Rajasthan

It’s easy to fall in love with the lively state of Rajasthan, home to ancient history, rich culture, incredible architecture, delicious food and warm friendly people. The vibrant and colourful state of Rajasthan is filled with countless incredible travel destinations to be discovered. To help you plan your trip here are our top rated destinations in Rajasthan including a few hidden gems beyond the tourist trail.


The beautiful golden desert city of Jaisalmer was one of our highlights of India and is a must see if you are headed to Rajasthan. It’s a small city located near the border of Pakistan and is adorned with a magical fort and incredible carved places, historic jain temples, epic sand dunes and beautifully detailed facades.

It is also home to amazing shopping and many fun activities including camel safaris and overnight desert stays. Although very hot in April, we felt as though we had stepped back 1000 years into Aladdin’s world and we return in a heartbeat given the chance! 

Our recommended accommodation options for Jaisalmer:

Crazy Camel Guest House
₹140 / $2USD
A great budget option with clean rooms, great service and an excellent rooftop to admire city views.
Hotel Surja
₹1200 / $18USD 
This is where we stayed and it was a
very beautiful air conditioned hotel
located right in the living fort of
Jaisalmer. The views from our room and the terrace were incredible!
Hamari Haveli by Moustache
₹2800/ $40USD
Set 700m from Jaisalmer fort this is an incredible traditional Haveli with memorable family hospitality.
Suryagarh Jaisalmer
₹7100/ $100USD
5 star elegance thats stays true to ancient Rajasthani architecture. This incredible property optimises luxury featuring an outdoor pool, health spa and fitness centre.


Udaipur is truly a unique and beautiful city, a romantic city known as the “white City” or  the “City of Lakes.” It’s a picturesque metropolis built around two main lakes with white washed buildings adding to its charm. What also makes Udaipur magic is the epic Rajasthani mountains which serve a natural backdrop along the horizon of the city.

Udaipur is home to incredible palaces, forts, gardens and temples just waiting to be explored. If you venture off the beaten path you will find vibrant local markets and local artisans working on their crafts. One of the best things to do in Udaipur is to see the Rajasthani cultural show at the bagore ki haveli.

Although it’s one of India’s most popular travel destinations, if you travel in April you will be surprised at how few tourists there are, meaning you can enjoy a relaxed and authentic Udaipur. We loved our week spent exploring Udaipur we think it’s an unmissable destination for anyone’s trip to India.

Our recommended accommodation options for Udaipur:

A friendly and relaxed accommodation with great atmosphere and fantastic views across the lake. Most importantly clean and comfortable dorm beds and private rooms.

Anjani Hotel 
This is where we stayed and we loved the traditional haveli feel and epic views from the rooftop! We got such a great discount and we loved having a pool and air conditioned room at such an affordable price. Thanks off season! 

Little Garden Guest House
A charming heritage property that is beautifully decorated with outstanding guest reviews.  

Jagat Niwas Palace
A stunningly beautiful 17th Century Haveli with incredible lake views. This family run hotel mixes old time charm and luxurious elegance perfectly!


Famously known for it’s delicious sweets, Bikaner is a great option if you want to get slightly off the beaten path in Rajasthan. Here you will find a truly untouched and authentic slice of Rajasthan. Known as the red city Bikaner is home to incredible havelis, forts, palaces and buildings all coloured a beautiful dusty red.

Bikaner is sn exciting and authentic travel destination. It’s a common sight to see camels roaming the streets and alleyways in Bikaner along with the brightly coloured saris of Rajasthani women. It is also home to some very interesting temples including stunning jain temples and Kani Mata the rat temple! You can see that video below:

Our recommended accommodation options for Bikaner:

The Prince Haveli
₹420/ $6USD
Authentic and full of charm, this budget accomodation is an old haveli. Featuring a rooftop with an incredible view and friendly warm staff, this is a great budget option in Bikaner.
Hotel Udai Niwas
₹1800/ $25USD
A family run homestay that has a very warm. authentic feel. Featuring large, clean and comfortable rooms this is a great midrange accomodation option in Bikaner.
Narendra Bhawan
₹6000/ $84USD
Pure luxury in Bikaner featuring an infinity pool, spa clinic and sauna. This heritage property is pure class with exquisitely decorated rooms and incredible service!


Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital city is a popular starting point for many travellers wishing to explore this colourful and diverse state. Otherwise known as the “Pink City” due to its many plush buildings and facades, Jaipur is a true royal jewel of India.  Amer Fort, a 16th century monument is perhaps the most impressive attraction in Jaipur.

We recommend spending lots of time exploring the old city of Jaipur where you will discover bustling bazaars, local markets, historic architecture and authentic Rajasthani culture. Jaipur is also a shoppers paradise and the city is especially famous for it’s garments, fabrics and precious gems.

Our recommended accommodation options for Jaipur:

Hostel Karwaan Jaipur 
₹700/ $10USD
With clean comfortable rooms & amazing terrace all set in an excellent location, this hostel is as good as you can get for the affordable price!
All Seasons Homestay
₹1000/ $14USD
A Comfortable, clean and tastefully decorated homestay with large rooms & friendly staff.
Raj Rajeshwari Haveli
₹3700/ $53USD
An elegant castle like hotel run by a lovely family with all the comforts that come with luxury accomodation.


Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s second largest city is perhaps one of the most fascinating and striking cities in Rajasthan. Named the “Blue City” Jodhpur’s old city is a vibrant maze of enchanting blue structures, alleyways, buildings and houses. The historic blue centre is busy and bustling with the main market located at the clock tower in the centre of town.  

Mehrangarh fort is an unmissable attraction in Jodhpur, but if you want to visit somewhere lesser know we suggest the stepwells at Mahila Baag Jhalra & Toorji Ka Jhalra. Both are beautiful 18th-century architectural marvels that many tourists fail to visit.

Our recommended accommodation options for Jodhpur:

Jaswant Bhawan HomeStay
A character filled heritage hotel with large clean rooms and  amazing views from the terrace.
Karma heritage Guest House
A budget heritage hotel located
close to the fort with nicely decorated rooms, good hot water & excellent views.
The Arch Boutique Homestay
A boutique period property over 200 years old that combines historic charm with great modern facilities.

Mt Abu

If your wanting to escape the Rajasthani heat then Mount Abu is a good option. An oasis in the desert, Mount Abu is a lush hill station located in the hills of southern Rajasthan near the Gujarati border. It is one of the few places in Rajasthan where temperatures are cooler in the summer months of April & May.

Mt Abu is a fairly off the beaten path destination for foreign tourist, but it is a popular travel destination among Indian travellers. Mt Abu is home to the Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary and ancient Jain temples between 400 and 1000 years old.


Ajmer is a vibrant, high voltage city full of life, bustling bazaars and hustling traffic. It’s a Rajasthani city where you can get a real taste of the exciting chaos of India. The city is famed for its incredible muslim architecture and temples.

Ajmer has plenty to see and do and is home to the famous Ajmer Jain temple an incredibly beautiful golden masterpiece and the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, one of the oldest muslim temples in India.

The crowded and colourful Dargah Bazar is another a highlight in Ajmer and is a great place to discover local food and shopping amongst the chaos. Located just 16km from Pushkar and 140km from Jaipur, we recommend a visit to Ajmer if you want to see a raw and local side of Rajasthan.

Shardas Homestay
An excellent midrange option in Ajmer with clean, large rooms, comfortable beds and excellent service. Top reviews from guests!

We hope this article was helpful and has inspired you to travel to Rajasthan in April. If you have any questions about travel to Rajasthan or India in general leave us a comment and we will be sure to answer as best we can. Happy travels!

Cheers, Native Travellers

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