Is June a Good Time to Visit Kerala?

We travelled to Kerala in June and experienced the full force of a South Indian monsoon. So it’s fair to say we have a good idea of the pros and cons of travelling to Kerala India in June. In this post, we reveal our honest experience of traveling to this beautiful region during the monsoon months including the good, the bad & the beautiful! 

Is June a Good Time to Visit Kerala? Yes, June is a lovely time to visit Kerala India due to the mild temperatures and lush green scenery. Travelling to Kerala in June is a unique and beautiful time to visit where you can receive great monsoon discounts and experience the highlights of this popular tourist destination without the large high season crowds.

Kerala is a southern state of India and is often referred to as God’s Own Country. It does live up to the name too! A tropical land with a fascinating and unique culture, incredible food and kind people that will light up your day.  This culture dense and laid back state and is gifted with many natural wonders to be discovered, from rolling tea fields to wild national parks, sandy beaches and stunning backwaters. 

June is monsoon season in Kerala and many people say, this is one of the best times to visit. But what is Kerala really like during monsoon? Is it safe? How much does it actually rain and can you get good discounts? In this post we go into more detail about travelling to Kerala in June and provide our honest answers to all your questions. 

Weather in Kerala in June

  • Temperatures: 25℃ to 30℃ 
  • Rainfall: Average monthly rainfall is 600mm.
  • Humidity: 80%
  • Cloud Cover: 75% cloud cover
  • Sunshine Hours:  5hours per day

To be honest the weather in Kerala during monsoon was pretty dam good! However we do come from New Zealand, a place where wild weather is the norm.  

We experienced a very pleasant monsoon season with mild but humid temperatures ranging from 25-30℃. The warm temperatures are perfect for travelling and exploring, and although humid, it was never too hot. 

Being monsoon, you have to expect lots of rain. But how bad was the rain…really? Rainfall was common but not constant. Travellers can expect about 2-3 heavy but short downpours per day. The rain will usually last about 30-40mins, so you won’t experience constant rainfall fall 24-7.

Surprisingly, you can enjoy many hours without experiencing any rain at all. Therefore we found the rain will definitely didn’t hinder our ability to explore and sightsee.  For us the rain was beautiful and peaceful, especially while exploring the backwaters by boat. 

We wouldn’t leave the house without an umbrella which came in handy for those sudden rainfalls. However, we don’t recommend raincoats, it’s too hot and humid for that! 

Increased rainfall fall will also create lots of puddles, mud and maybe some light flooding so having sandals that strap to your feet are best.  

We spent a total of about 3 weeks in Kerala during monsoon and didn’t experience any high winds. One thing we will say is that sunshine is limited and most days will be overcast.  

You can also check out our travel vlog below to see our Kerala monsoon adventure live in action:

Crowds in Kerala in June

Kerala is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations so the peak season from September to March see’s large crowds of travellers. So, if your like us and prefer to beat the crowds, June is a great time to visit Kerala. 

Monsoon season see’s far less tourists for obvious reasons, so you can enjoy a more relaxed and authentic Kerala.  During our time in Kerala in June we did see other tourists, but it never felt crowded or overrun. 
Even the backwaters were sparsely crowded with only a few other houseboats on the water.

Travelling to Kerala in June meant we were able to enjoy the stunning and famed Kerala backwaters in seclusiveness.  In contrast, We have read other blogs where people traveling the backwaters in high season had their experience tainted by droves of houseboats full of tourists.

Is Kerala Safe in June?

Travelling during monsoon in any part of the world can come with increased risks. The same is true for other extreme season such as the hot season. Monsoons in Kerala are generally not dangerous and light flooding, landslides and road blockages are risks, but we never encountered these challenges.  (we were in Kerala during June 2018)

In August 2018 Kerala encountered heavy flooding. This was said to be the worse flooding the region had seen in over 100 years. There were also floods in the region during August 2019. 

However, Kerala’s flood situation is now stable and all tourist destinations are safe and ready to receive tourists. We personally don’t let chance events like this scare us from travelling to a place. Kerala has enjoyed decades of safe monsoons with no major issues and the chances of being caught in a natural disaster can happen anywhere anytime. 

As for the people of Kerala, they are truly some of the kindest and most welcoming people on earth.  Kerala has a friendly laid back vibe, so its a perfect location for first time visitors to India. In saying this, as a traveller you do need to exercise common travelling sense as bad things do happen everywhere and we want you to be safe on your Journey.  We wrote this full guide to avoiding travel scams to help fellow travellers avoid the dreaded travel scam!

What to Pack for a Trip to Kerala in June?

There are a few key items that will help make your trip to Kerala in June more enjoyable. 

  • Travel Umbrella – We recommend to avoid bringing a raincoat. The locals don’t use them and neither did we, it’s a bit too hot for that. Instead bring a sturdy travel umbrella that you can fit in your day bag. 
  • Sandals That Strap – We do not recommend sneakers or covered walking shoes due to  fact they will get wet and soggy. We would also avoid flip flops as they can be a bit flimsy and difficult when walking on wet and muddy surfaces. Instead, we recommend to wear good walking sandals that strap onto your feet. 
  • Insect Repellent – Don’t forget to pack a good heavy duty insect repellent to protect from the monsoon mosquitoes. We were recommended by our travel Dr to use a product with Deet.
  • Wet Wipes – Wipes are a great travel companion and are helpful in many cases while travelling Kerala.  Wether its cleaning your hands before a meal or having a backup for those toilet moments with no paper, wet wipes are to the rescue!
  • A Waterproof Camera – Leave your expensive camera gear at home and a pack a waterproof version. Whether it’s a waterproof phone or our favourite travel camera the Gopro, you will be glad to be able to capture the moments without worrying if you are going to wreck your expensive camera! 

You can also see you list of our top 5 adventure/long term travel items here.

Kerala Landscape in Monsoon

One thing Kerala does well is nature. Kerala is adorned with diverse natural landscapes that will blow you away. Rolling tea gardens, sandy beaches, wild jungles, picturesque backwaters and epic waterfalls can all be found in Kerala.

Monsoon has a special way of breathing new life into the landscape and you can enjoy a lush green Kerela unlike any other season. Another pro of traveling to Kerala in June is that the rains provide gushing waterfalls, so you can witness them in their full glory.

Best Places to Visit in Kerala in June

Kerala has an almost unlimited list of places to see and things to do, but not all are suited to monsoon weather. So this tailored list will give you the top things to see and do in Kerala during monsoon.

1. Discovering Kerala Backwaters in Monsoon Season

The dreamy backwaters of Alleppey Kerala are amazing to experience in monsoon. We explored this intricate network of lakes, canals, rivers and waterways in June and were able to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the monsoon backwaters.  

Exploring the backwaters in monsoon meant this popular tourist attraction was quiet and secluded, allowing us to have a truly relaxed experienced without hordes of noisy tourists.  The rains brought a mysterious vibe and it was strangely therapeutic watching the monsoon rains hit the waterways as we sat protected in our cocoon like tradition houseboat.  

We recommend a one night stay on a houseboat as an amazing way to experience the backwaters:

Approximate Monsoon Season Houseboat Rates – All Inclusive 

  • One Bedroom: $100USD
  • Two Bedroom:$160USD

The Best Houseboat in Alleppey: 

Getting the right houseboat can make or break your Kerala backwater experience. We found a beautiful, traditional style, open air houseboat with friendly staff and great food & service. They also organised a small tour through some of the smaller canals which were breathtaking and also gave us a glimpse of local village life. We had a great overnight stay and we highly recommend Marvel Cruises for your Alleppey Houseboat adventure. 

Marvel Cruise Traditional Boat
Reti & Steve Enjoying the Delicious Food onboard

2. Athirappilly Waterfalls in June

The Athirappilly waterfalls in Kerala are an impressive sight during monsoon. Located about 3hours drive north of Kochin, these massive falls are set in a vast expanse of wild jungle that makes you feel as though you have stepped into a scene from the Jungle Book.

Monsoon rains swell the rivers and the falls cascade in full force during these months. You can admire the Athirappilly falls from above and below as well as discover the many other falls within the area.  Just watch out for cheeky monkeys and hold onto your belongings which they will steal!

3. Thekkady Cultural Show In June

A great thing to experience in Kerala all year round is the Thekaddy cultural shows. Thekaddy itself is a stunning hill station with lush jungle and plenty of wildlife.  There are four main cultural centres in Thekaddy each showing a similar two piece show consisting of Kalaripayattu – The oldest form of martial arts in the world & Navarasa Kathakali an intricate dance of facial expressions. 

The facilities are fairly basic but the shows and performances themselves were totally captivating. Kathakali is a classical Indian dance-drama known for extravagant costume and make-up, detailed facial gestures and presented with traditional live music. The Kalaripayattu Martial Arts show was particularly exhilarating and was the ultimate showcase of the ancient martial arts of the region.

  • The shows run between 5-8pm 
  • A combined ticket which includes both shows costs: $5.5USD
  • The Four main cultural centres in Thekaddy are:
  1. Kadathanadan Kalari & Navarasa Kathakali (we visited this one)
  2. Mudra Cultural Centre
  3. Yodha Cultural Village
  4. Thekkady Kalari Centre

4. Jain Temple inKochin in June

A fascinating experience in Kochin is to visit the Jain temple in Mattancherry at about 12pm to witness the pigeon feeding ceremony.  A man from the temple will summon hundreds of pigeons with the sound of a temple instrument and they will circle the temple in flight before landing to be fed. A unique cultural experience that we thoroughly enjoyed….and you might even be asked to hand feed the pigeons! The best thing about this activity is that it is completely free!

5. Mullakkal Rajeshwari Temple, Alleppey in June

Located in Alleppey, this 500 year old temple showcases traditional Kerala style architecture. The temple grounds hold space for peace and serenity and are best visited on dusk when hundreds of oil lamps are lit illuminating the entire temple. It truly is a magnificent sight, one that can only be found in Kerala. 

6. Eat at Grandma’s Kitchen

This was a memorable find for us and we are just itching to share it with absolutely everyone! We found this family run gem just around the corner from our guesthouse and we went back everyday for the mouth watering food, affordable prices and the most warm and friendly service. 

You will be greeted by a kind older couple who will treat you like family. I went in with a cold and they made me a medical tea free of charge! The recipes on the menu are all handed down from their grandmother and the food is out of this world good! Although the food served is Gujurati cuisine and not from the region of Kerala, we still recommend to eat here at least once if you are in Kochin.  You can find more information and reviews about Grandma’s Kitchen on Tripadvisor >>.

7. Munnar in June

Munnar is a magical place during monsoon. The already beautiful tea fields thrive during this season and vibrant green engulfs the valleys and mountains of the region. Munnar is a welcome sanctuary, a place to unwind, relax, and connect with nature.

Travel to this stunning hill station to find your inner zen and enjoy hikes, explore tea & spice plantations & discover gushing waterfalls! So if you are planning to travel to Kerala in June Munnar should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

8. Stay in a Tree House in Kerala

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to stay in a tree house? Staying in a jungle tree house is the ultimate childhood dream come true! Well your in luck! There are plenty of great options for tree house stays in the tropical state of Kerala and here is out list of top three tree houses in Kerala India: 

Vanya Tree House Kerala

Vanya Tree House is a true eco stay. A place for nature lovers to reconnect to the natural environment. Vanya tree house considers the environment and aims to replicate the indigenous ways of living.  Located in Thekkady on 12 Acres of land, Vanya tree house is a truly magical eco escape. 

Rainforest Tree House

Rainforest Tree House in Athirapally Kerala is the ultimate fusion of adventure and luxury. Nestled in the jungle tree tops, this truly lux open air tree house is located on the grounds of a 5 star resort and features stunning views of the beautiful Athirappilly falls. 

Vythiri Tree House Resort

Located on a 150 acre property deep in the jungle of Wayanad in Northern Kerala. This densely forested  area is a massive wildlife sanctuary home to elephants, tigers, leopards and egrets! Making these tree houses are a true jungle hideaway for animal and nature lovers. Featuring quaint thatch roofs and bamboo walls these tree houses tower nearly 90 ft. above the ground! 

We hope this guide to Kerela in June has inspired your next trip!

Cheers, Native Travellers

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