Travel Vlogging Tips for Beginners

How to Grow your Travel Channel on YouTube

So you want to start a YouTube channel and don’t know where to begin? The good news is we have spent the past while learning the YouTube ropes we have had some successes and most importantly some failures!

We are sharing all of our experiences and learnings with you, so that you can skip the guessing game and be ready to take on YouTube with some of the best travel vlogging tips we can give!

We are Reti & Bianca, a couple from New Zealand who quit our jobs and sold everything so that we could spend an entire year adventuring around the globe. Leading up to our travels we spent hours watching our favourite YouTube travel channels.

At the time we didn’t have a TV in our home, so YouTube binge sessions were a big part of our evening routine. Watching fellow travellers exploring remote locations and discovering new and unique cultures help provide a sense of travel confidence for us.

As creatives and professionals we knew we would need a project to help keep us stimulated while travelling, so feeling inspired by our favourite YouTubers, we decided to buy a Gopro and document our travels.

We were very green starting out and to be honest we were mainly filming to let our family back home know that we were safe and having a great time.

But one year of travel vlogging has taught us some key lessons about what it takes to create and maintain a YouTube channel.  So, we are going to share all our learnings with you, to give you the head start we never had!

Travel Vlogging Tips for Beginners:

Realise Youtube is Hard
Why YouTube?
Do not Compare
Get the Right Gear
Quality & Quantity ​
Have Passion
Identify Your Niche
Have Authenticity
Include a story
Cut the Fluff
Connect with your Viewers
YouTube Community Tab
Lead with Awesome
Visual Interest
Consistency Across Your Channel
Effective Thumbnails

Check out one of our early travel vlogs below…an oldie but a goodie. 

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